Officering Service to the University’s Statutory Bodies and Other Committees

Secretariat provides an officering service to the Academic Board, the Board of Governors, Executive Board and the Senior Management Team and their respective committees to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the structure that underpins the governance of the University.  The service provided by Secretariat is to support and coordinate the process through which the major management, academic, structural and policy decisions determining the directions and future shape and activities of the University of Lincoln are made.  This includes organising the operation of the committee structure; coordinating the business and arrangements for meetings; supporting the governing body; providing advice on appropriate approval mechanisms and directing proposals seeking approval for policy or administrative decisions to the appropriate bodies; preparing agendas, minutes, papers and reports; advising chairs and members on committee procedure; disseminating information on key decisions, new polices and procedures and changes to the regulations; monitoring and following-up agreed actions; providing appropriate reminders to ensure compliance with procedures for documentation and approval; maintaining the University’s policy and minute archival records; developing and coordinating meeting schedules to assist the smooth processing of business; ensuring committees are properly constituted and organising and administering elections where appropriate.