1.1 Legal framework

This is information relating to the legal and corporate status of the institution.

Description How to find it
The Board of Governors http://lncn.eu/agp5Contact Secretariat for further information. Email pwalsh@lincoln.ac.uk
Articles of Governance http://lncn.eu/bepv
Instrument of Government http://lncn.eu/bepv

1.2 How the institution is organised

This is information about the management structure of the institution, including a description of the Statutory Bodies and the organisational structure together with a description of the work of each unit and the names and responsibilities of key personnel. Terms of reference, membership and descriptions of boards and committees are also provided, as are faculty and department structures and the identification of senior personnel.

Description How to find it
The Vice Chancellor’s Office and   Senior Management Team http://lncn.eu/agx5
Executive Board Contact Secretariat for further   information by email: lbaker@lincoln.ac.uk
Academic Board Contact Secretariat for information   by email: lbaker@lincoln.ac.uk
Colleges and Schools /collegesandschools/
Support Departments http://lncn.eu/ei9

1.3 Location and contact details

This is information about named contacts, contact phone numbers and email addresses.

Description How to find it
Staff Directory http://lncn.eu/cky5
Campus Guide http://lncn.eu/nz9


1.4 Organisations

This is lists of and information relating to organisations which the University has responsibility for, those it works in partnership with, those it sponsors and companies wholly owned by it.

Description How to find it
Academic Partnerships Contact the Office of Quality, Standards and Partnership by email: lwoodcock@lincoln.ac.uk
Research Partnerships Contact Research and Enterprise Development by email: research@lincoln.ac.uk
Employer Engagement and Business Services http://lncn.eu/hkv
Wholly Owned Companies Information about the companies owned by the University is published annually in the University’s financial statementshttp://lncn.eu/cfq2

1.5 Organisations

This is information relating to the operations and activities of the Students’ Union and other clubs, associations and non-academic activities that are organised  by students.

Description How to find it
Information about the University of Lincoln’s Students’ Union http://lncn.eu/bi5
Information about events and conferences held at the University eventsconferences/
Information about Sports and Recreation /sportatlincoln/