Academic Policy Development and Communication

The Secretariat provides support for the planning, development and implementation of University academic policies.  This involves contributing to senior management discussions about policy and articulating them by drafting and amending policy documents.  Following scrutiny and approval by the relevant committees and Academic Board, final policies are disseminated University-wide for implementation.

Academic Policies

The University’s academic policies approved by Academic Board are set out below and most have a brief summary of the policy set out on the first page:

 Academic Partnerships Policy (November 2018)

Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) Policy

Admissions Policy – Postgraduate

Admissions Policy Undergraduate

Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy

Authorised Absence Policy

Double and Second Marking Policy 

Electoral Campaigning on Campus

Fitness to Study Policy

Freedom of Speech – Code of Practice

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships Policy – Sept 2017 (updated with DP ref)

Inclusive Practice Policy

Intellectual Property Policy

Marking and Grading Policy

Module Evaluation Policy

Open-Access-Policy 2014

Postponed Classes Policy 

Programme Closures, Suspensions and Changes Policy

Promoting Academic Integrity Policy

Reading and Resource List Policy

Research Code of Practice

Research Data Management Policy

Research Ethics Policy

Research – Investigation of Misconduct Procedure (UKRIO)

Safeguarding Policy

Sponsorship of External Organisations and Individuals Policy 

Statement on Academic Freedom

Student Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy

Student Created Intellectual Property Policy (only for students who enrolled before Sept 2018)

Student Engagement and Participation Policy

Student Engagement and Participation Policy for Research Programmes

Student Engagement and Representation Policy 

Student Mental Health Policy

Student Policy on the Use of Social Media

Student Support and Tutoring Policy June 2014

Students Under the Age of 18 Policy

Teacher Education Framework for PG Research Students Who Teach

University Code of Ethics

Work Based Learning Policy – May 2018

Work Placement Policy – May 2018


If you have any queries that cannot be addressed through the information above please contact the Secretariat Office at  or 01522 886354