AAC Terms of Reference

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Chair: Professor Sue Rigby, DVC (Student Development)

Officer: Marina Fox (01522 886690)

2017/18 Schedule of Meetings

Wednesdays at 2pm on:  8 November 2017; 17 January 2018; 21 March 2018; and 6 June 2018

Oversight Groups – AMOG, PPOG and SROG

The AAC has the following oversight groups reporting to it: Annual Monitoring Oversight Group (AMOG); Portfolio & Partnerships Oversight Group (PPOG) and the Standing Regulations Oversight Group (SROG).  The minutes of oversight group meetings and reports relating to annual monitoring, new programme and partnership proposals and variations or updates to the University’s Regulations are received regularly by the AAC.  For specific details or background information on any of the oversight groups contact the Secretariat Officer to the AAC (Marina Fox).

PPOG Key Documents including New Programme Proposal Form

Dates of Future Meetings: Tuesdays at 10am on: 22 November, 19 December; 13 February 2018; 10 April 2018; and 26 June 2018

New Programme Proposal Form FINAL – Jan 2018

New Programme Proposal Flowchart of Approval

Request to Delete, Transfer or Rename an Existing Programme

Request to Suspend or Close Recruitment for a Programme

Finance Costing Model – Draft Template

Contingent PPOG Approval – Nov 17

New International Study Proposal Form Jul 2017 FINAL

New Work Placement Proposal Form March 2018 FINAL

Authors of new programme proposals are strongly advised to contact the Officer to PPOG (Marina Fox) and/or the relevant Quality Officer in OQSP in the first instance for further guidance on the timing of submissions and procedure.